SOTD “I am Going Away and Never Coming Back Again” By Boduf Songs

Today I decided to sort through all my music, a task which I thought would be fun, but ultimately became tedious. I decided though it was time to scale back so I can let some new music in, and get a deeper appreciation for the stuff I also like. I am a completest so there are some bands discographies I had on the computer, wherein I only like a couple of tracks. I decided to take the approach of deeper involvement in music that I like, cut back on the superficiality of just having a bunch of different artists. My tastes in certain genres seem to come and go, as in particular, my punk collection took a hard hit. But it is just not a genre I am into anymore. Still letting go of a lot of content was a bit frustrating as it is just hard to make the decision that I am “giving up” on particular albums in favor of something else. I don’t dislike the songs I got rid of, and I do have them backed up if I find myself drifting towards certain genres again. but in the end, after a couple of hours, I was kind of done with music for the day.

However, my one take away is that there are certain artists and albums that I became aware of how fond I was. Some artists I would get rid of a few albums just keeping my favorites, but a few bands content was staying no matter what, and it probably will stay with me for a long time. Hence leading to my “Song of The Day” choice being from one of my all time favorite artists. I will often put Boduf Songs on, and despite multiple listens I never get tired of the tracks. I use to have one of his tracks my alarm for waking up, a choice which should have doomed the track to be associated with suffering, but when it comes on I still let it play out.

Boduf Songs appeals to me on so many levels, just as atmospheric it is very relaxing, and Mat Sweets lyrics, which almost come across as a whisper is actually rather soothing. When having his music on in the background it generally relaxes me, which is something that can really endear me to a band. In addition to the atmosphere created, the lyrics are very dark and depressing, but without being too overly indulgent (Although I can understand how that might vary per person). When I look to lyrics I attach to more, I generally connect with more somber content, just given my life and struggles. A lot of people seem to connect with more “sad” music. With the tag of sad music, I find there is a varying degree of success. It is easy to write a sad song on a base level but to steep it in your own unique lyrical style and have it transcend the musings that might come with a tag like “teenage angst” I always find an impressive feat. With Boduf Songs, Mat Sweet’s lyrics don’t really dwell on one subject, a broken heart, discontent with society etc. Instead, all of his tracks make up a world that seems just rather unkind. Having felt this sentiment throughout my travels, his music has been a sort of soundtrack to a semi bleak and pessimistic life. Certain tracks seem more aimed at certain sentiments (obviously) but his work when taking it in as a whole is rather amazing.

I could have picked almost anyone of his tracks to showcase, and for the sake of it, I will post a top ten below. With my appreciation for all of his work though it is hard to pick one favorite, this one is a bit more simplistic lyric wise, and I do like the titles of some of his songs. I am kind of a sucker for overdramatic song titles, of which Matt Elliott, (who I previously posted on) has the same knack for naming his depressing ballads. Given the appeal of his lyrics, I am surprised that I can’t find them on any lyrics site. Music like this also makes me aware I live in my own little bubble, as although I feel Boduf Songs is one of the greatest bands ever, as the band floats around often in my imaginary “Top Ten”, it seems I may be a bit alone in the sentiment. I would like more people to listen to Boduf Songs, I will also note that the man himself seems like a very sincere kind soul as I had a bit of correspondence when ordering some stuff off of him.

Arbitray top ten tracks. (This was a tough one)

  1. Quite When Group
  2. Vermin, Rend Thy Garments
  3. My Continuing Battle With Material Reality
  4. Decapitation Blues
  5. That Angel Was Fucking Piss
  6. Oh Celebrate Your Vague Words
  7. They Get On Slowly
  8. Things Not to be Done on the Sabbath
  9. Fiery The Angels Fell
  10. Song To Keep Me Still

Boduf 2.jpg

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