SOTD: “She Sing In Slime” by DODDODO

While on my travels a song came up that reminded me of a certain short in a collection of comic books based around Lovecraft’s Mythos. Unfortunately, I could not find that song on the youtubes. However, this one carries a similar vibe and works within what I was hoping to post. The concept laid out in the mini-comic is that music is an ever evolving being for the purpose of creating a complex spell in order to keep the old ones at bay. This explains the evolution of music down some strange pathways. The story ends after an insider into this phenomena tells a person that he is going to a concert featuring a young artist who “just might save the world”. As a concept, I thought it was pretty cool, and enjoyed it in particular as my tastes in music tend to go overly eclectic. Although one could argue the genre of “Noise” is music at it’s most chaotic, containing little form. I think the music of this ilk bares a more formulaic chaoticness, which gives it a lot of charm (Not arguing noise does not take great craft or is inferior in sound).

This track is a good example of the type of electronic music I really dig and sadly have little chance to share. There is a discernable beat, but the timing of it is rather inconsistent and it would be hard to dance too. instead, the mind looks for certain beats within the track and finds a few things to cling on too as a “song”. but there is also part of the chaos you can kind of tackle in a way that makes the song continuously engaging. This kind of free-form electronic music makes up a weird space within the music landscape, which I feel is found by those who are constantly looking to expand their definition of what classifies as music. Now to be clear, I am not saying that there is necessarily a lot of depth here, or that the track only speaks to a certain intellectual group within music fandom. it just creates a unique experience that is not for all palates. But for those who do enjoy this kind of stuff, I do have an appreciation that they were able to find themselves indulging in these weird soundscapes.

The sampling in this track is interesting, even with the language barrier and the cutting in and out of the dialogue, it becomes almost recognizable in a way that you can almost sing along with. The rest of the artist’s works dabbles in noise and hip-hop. I think the elements of this track harkens to a more cohesive pop ballad, that probably makes it her most accessible track. Unfortunitly, it appears that this artistic endeavor has been defunct for some time now :/


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