SOTD: “The Way She Dances” By The Billy Nayer Show

Today is a great day, I am getting stuff done, and most importantly, my heart is pretty full of love. So today’s song is a reflection of that. Since I listen to so much music I have many different songs I like to attach to the sentiments I have about people I consider important. I don’t always tell them that is the case as I am not sure how they would take it, since lyrics can take on a differenet meaning depending on the person listening. This song has a sense of tragedy, in that the love it paints seems limited by time. If a loved one were to focus on that paticular part of the song it loses the aspect of romantacism within the track. For me, there are certain lines that contain a poetic interpretation of loving someone, and those are the lines that I focus on when i hear this song.

The lyrics near the begining “I see the things I like to see in myself when I look at her, I like the way she dances i’d like to dance that way too. I like to dance the way she dances, for you.” and later line “I like the way she loves me, would you like me to love you that way?”. With these lines, and a few others, for me the song becomes more of a love ballad then a song about loss (although I won’t deny that is a component of the story). I believe part of this may come with how I see singer Cory McAbee as an individual. Looking at his films and clips of presentations, he seems like a profoundly happy dude, who embraces romantic ideals and channels these in a unqie and creative way. His tracks have a fair amount of humour and some tragic themes, but I feel his positive sentiments and they way he gets those across to be the most interesting aspect of his musical career.

In regards to the concept of “Dancing” I interpret it more as just the way one moves through their life. In the song I feel that he is talking about someone who pushes through life in such a way that it appears as if she “dances”. Seeing the beauty someone deals with both adversity and joy and just wanting to be on that same wavelength.

When I first heard this song and kind of fell in love with the concept, I did not really know anyone who I felt moved through life with such a poetic beauty. I think I found that person now and I would like to dance with her, the same way she dances. But, I am not use to dancing that way, so I will have to learn!


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