SOTD: “Old Mean Ed Gein” by The Fibbonaccis

Today has been a great day! Spending day with family, playing yard games, swimming and good food. Still have some activities planned but huddled up in my room at the moment. Just to get a bit of down time as well as to keep up with the blog. So, since i am typing this on phone I am going to keep it a bit short.

Last night at a double feature I went too a guy complimented me on my shirt, which was nice. I did not return the favour because we were situated oddly, but when I saw him later I noticed he was wearing an Ed Gein shirt. Which, although I think is rather in poor taste, is still kind of cool. I found myself singing this song when I had a moment to myself and since it was the only moment I had to focus on music I thought it was suiting.


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