SOTD: “Earthquake” By Simon Joyner


I decided that I would stay committed to this blog and this particular article regardless of what was going on. Tomorrow I will be out of town and since I will be logging on my phone the entry may be a bit crude. However, Today was even tougher to get this together. I did not want to write anything, I did not want to engage in thoughts. I am profoundly unhappy. But I know I will get through it, I have plans tonight with friends that I am looking forward to writing about later. I will be able to turn it around. This morning though, I just wanted to stay in bed and let the day pass.

It is days like these where I am stuck in one place, that I look to my dog Nina for that extra push. As soon as I had settled in bed and resigned myself to letting the day slip by she forced her way into my arms and we ended up laying together. Although it did not cure my blues, it helps a lot. Nina has helped me through a lot of tough times and I don’t think I have loved anything as deeply as I have her. So, I want to post this particular song for her.

To be honest, the actual message of the song escapes me a bit. The reason being though that the opening line mentions a girl named “Nina”. Now, there are a few songs that remind me of Nina, and some are much more upbeat than this one but given the mood of the day, this is the one that came to mind. I am not sure how the artist would feel about me taking, what seems like a deeply profound ballad, and turning it into a love letter to my dog. But, coming from me, it is one of the best compliments I can give to anything.

Apologies as there are no cut and paste lyrics on this, something I normally check beforehand. Given Joyner has a bit of a cult following based around his somber lyrical skills I just assumed someone would have had them posted.


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