Missing Johnny

Hey Adam, why did you watch this?

Well, this is a film to review for Asian Movie Pulse and the NY Asian Film Fest. I had actually browsed over the group post of screeners offered and there were not too many films left. To be honest, none of them seemed that interesting, and this seemed like the one left I may have enjoyed. One of the few English reviews I could find had commented on how dull and pointless the film is. As a fan of films that are based around simple and long played out concepts, the film seemed like it might be a suitable challenge.

What did you like about it?

The acting was really good, this was a debut role for the female lead who picked up a reward for her performance, which when I was researching afterward felt it was appropriate. Everyone does a good job and create a sense of realism that escapes some movies of this ilk. Also, the moment when the two mains fall in love was well set up and touching.

What did you not like?

The film as a whole is extremely tedious, to the point where I would not wish this on people I don’t like. If I did not have to write a review I would have tuned out pretty early into this film. The story just has no conflict in it. It is just a series of things happening.

What did you learn from this film?

This is more of an ongoing lesson, and a reason I appreciate writing film reviews. This applies particularly, to content that I normally would not indulge in. My initial reaction to this film was nothing but negative. However, in writing reviews there is a certain amount of reflection on the content, you need to think about what the film is trying to accomplish and whether it succeeds in that regard. I was able to turn, what initially was a bad experience,  into a fun exercise in critically analyzing a film.


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