SOTD “Lilac” By Vampillia feat Jun Togawa


When I decided to do “Song of the Day” I was going to stick to tracks that I could relate and discuss on a more personable level. However, When I thought about it, doing that every day could get exhausting. I realized I would need to post some things that I also just think are cool. This video/song right here, well, it is really cool.

I’ll start with the track itself before discussing the video. The vocals are provided via Jun Togawa, who if you research her, you will find she is pretty prolific, and the stuff of legends. She has dabbled in various genre’s under the more experimental Yapoos, to her more pop driven stuff under her name. Although, I don’t think she has a traditionally pretty voice, (I think it is a bit shrill and I have never found her music relaxing) it has a very strong presence that demands your attention. In this particular collaboration, her voice is really heightened, by a mix of both modern and traditional instrumentation. With no one element of the song, well except maybe the violin, carrying a nice vibe. When all the elements are put together, the track reaches a level of profound beauty that few song can capture. The band Vampillia, overall has a good sound, and their albums are interesting and engaging, but this paticular track goes beyond their other work.

Well some may find the music video grotesque, I actually find it rather pretty. The theme of resurrection saves it from just being needlesly upsetting. The animation style is simplistic, while still leaving a strong impact. I may be mistaken in this assumption, but to me Vampillia’s music and visuals seem to take a more romantic spin on the “Ero Guro” movement. An art style that combines violent graphic imagery with (mostly) pornographic imagery. I will admit to being a fan, but viewing it more as a strange curiosity then feeling engaged in the art. Which as a result, makes it a hard asthetic to reccomend, or to show other people. As a style is is better suited to search up on your own, and not on a work computer.

The lyrics for this track are great, I have been taking Japanese lessons and although some words and sentences are beginning to form when I hear stuff without subtitles, I can’t really follow the song to well lyrically. So below is the English translation


I take a deep breath in the morning
in the garden where the lilacs blossom
And gently step forward
to the spiral staircase made of glass

Climbing up this ladder to the sky
the cities grow distant before my eyes
And on top of the roof above the clouds
I open my backback

This is just an extra
from an old kid’s magazine.
Foldable binoculars
with 8.4x zoom!

I can see it, I can see it
I understand, I understand

I can hear the sound of the bells
of a caravan that crosses the Sahara
And can see the parisian who runs away
from the station to the main street

And then I write about
only the good things in life
and this superb view
in my online blog

Where are you waiting?
I am smiling having these joys and sorrows
Let’s do something nice
after this journey

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