SOTD: “Kissed Lips = Hell” By The Frogs


When I first heard “The Frogs” I became rather obsessed with the group. Grabbing all the albums, as well as all the tapes and compilations that never got a proper release. No one around me appreciated this obsession at the time. I am guessing the sexually charged lyrics and the oversimplistic instrumentation which often came with the lead singer making a funny voice on purpose. I came across them when I was getting into the punk genre, and although I would be hesitant to place them in it, they definitely embodied it in a flashy and entertaining way. Having listened to all their tracks though I did notice, that at times, Jimmy Flemion’s voice and lyrics could be rather enjoyable, and transcend the novelty of the band.

This particular track came from the band’s last album “Count Your Blessings” and was released after the death of Denis Flemion. Denis was Jimmy’s brother and the other half of the band. Count Your Blessings, has a more mature sound and although there is still a bit of playing around, it is an album filled with sweet sentiments and acts as a nice tribute to the creative legacy of the “The Frogs”.

As I tend to get more out of tracks I can draw an emotional connection too, I found myself playing this particular song often when I was recovering from a breakup. During the grieving process, there are a few stages, with one of the stages being “acceptance”. I feel this song captures that moment of acceptance from the first line. Building on the theme of acceptance the song also seems to capture a sense of understanding. The track mimics that moment when I knew everything was going to be alright and it was OK to look at the past without sorrow, but still aware of the profound effect it had on my life.

Unfortunately, unable to find lyrics for copy and paste, but Denis’s vocals on this track are pronounced and clear.

Frogs 2

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