Julie and Jack – Their Love is Forever

Hey Adam, why did you watch this?

Well firstly, I am logging this late, yesterday I was a sick mess, barely able to formulate a sentence to Moka, let alone write anything. I capped off my evening of hating my body and the world around me by having to pick something humorous. Thankfully Amazon Prime delivered after I found they had Rifftrax, and after browsing what they have I settled on this film. Much to my surprise, it is the first film of director James Nguyen, who is better known as the director of Birdemic. With Birdemic holding the title of my favorite bad movie, I was as ecstatic as I could be and dedicated myself to the film.

What did you like about it?

The film is such an amazing mess of bad acting, horribly scripting and bad cinematography. For me, the best “So Bad they are good” films are productions where there is some apparent self-delusion. James Nguyen can’t make a good film, he is not talented as a director. In spite of this handicap, he still makes films though, with an admirable perseverance. The film becomes an exercise in analyzing missteps, in all aspects of the production. The Rifftrax on this one is great and I found myself laughing at both the film and the one-liners from the riffers. All that laughing helped perk up my mood.

What did you not like about it?

Well since I was sick it took me awhile to get into the film, I think for the first ten minutes or so I felt like I was just powering through it, then a few jokes got me going. So I guess I did not like that it was a slow start for me. Also, I really enjoy watching Rifftrax with my movie friends, and being quarantined always makes me a bit bummed out.

What did you learn?

I always like to think I learn some tidbit from a film, but this film is so mindless and poorly written that it has no value as a learning tool for film study. I was also a bit to lazy to look up any obscure Rifftrax reference so whatever I did miss went over my head.

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